Rocksteady To Tone Down Detective Vision In Arkham Asylum 2

by Matt Helgeson on Jul 14, 2010 at 12:45 PM

Speaking at the recent Develop conference in England, Rocksteady art director Dave Hego revealed that he felt that Batman: Arkham Asylum's "detective vision" X-ray effects had been overdone. His biggest complaint? The fact that many gamers ended up playing through the game entirely using the powerful X-ray view, thereby missing so much of the work the team had put into creating the game's gorgeous and finely detailed levels.

Hego said, "It was a gameplay decision to make detective vision so strong...we're going to try not to do that mistake again."

For Arkham Asylum 2, expect big changes in how detective vision is used and displayed onscreen.

"[We'll] make it more like augmented reality next time," commented Hego.

Whatever the decision, I can't wait. To be honest, I found myself playing in detective vision most of the time, because it made it so easy to plan your attacks on unsuspecting enemies. In fact, I'd miss it if it were gone. How about you?

[Via Gamespot]