Realtime Worlds Restructures Staff For Continued APB Support

by Ben Reeves on Jul 07, 2010 at 10:30 AM

Crackdown and APB: All Points Bulletin developer, Realtime Worlds, announced today that it would be laying off a small portion of it staff – while hiring a few new designers – in order to focus on continued support of its APB MMO.

Realtime Worlds released a statement today that read, “Overall staffing levels for APB will increase, with a small number of redundancies expected as the game’s development cycle changes and a second development project is downscaled to provide 100 percent support on APB."

As Gamasutra pointed out, Realtime’s website shows that it’s hiring for several new positions in both the U.K. and U.S, so while some people may be losing their jobs, a few new opportunities are springing up.

APB has received mixed reviews (keep your eyes open for Game Informer’s impressions of the game later this week). At the same time, the sequel to Realtime World’s first game, Crackdown 2, developed by Ruffian Games, hasn’t faired well on Metacritic either. We loved the first Crackdown, so whatever Realtime Worlds starts working on next, we hope that it is able to recapture some of that original magic.