The Coolest Transformer Toy Ever Made

by Matt Miller on Jul 02, 2010 at 07:40 AM

Did you like Omega Supreme's appearance in War for Cybertron? Then you'll love this custom toy version, which can be yours for only $3,000.

An eBay auction has recently posted for this custom-created Transformer. The creator and seller, who goes by the tag uuser, crafted the custom figure. "In this custom, I want to merge different styles into my work, but still keep the soul of G1 character. So I keep the head mask, claw, canon arm and front armor in robot mode, and make him transform into a base, tank and a spaceship, as an upgrade from a simple rocket, I want Omega to be more powerful, even in his alt mode."

The figure, which has been listed for $3,000, would surely be the crowning jewel of any Transformers collection. Omega Supreme has long been regarded by Transformers fans as one of the coolest characters and toys in the franchise. In cartoons, comics, and toy lines, Omega Supreme always appears in some variation of a massive guardian warrior. Customizer uuser adds his own thoughts regarding his inspiration for this truly awesome custom toy: "For me, Omega Supreme is a silent, faithful, and invincible warrior from ancient time. To emphasize this, I put some tattoos on his 'wings' using cybertron words."

Click through the gallery below to see and enlarge various images of the new one-of-a-kind figure, including his transformation into a massive battleship and a third form as ground-based defense station. To learn more about the figure, you can follow the progress of the auction over at ebay. It is, in my mind, totally worth the asking price.