New Tomb Raider To Hit November 2011?

by Meagan Marie on Jun 30, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Last July a supposed leaked document showcasing a new direction for the Tomb Raider franchise began circling the net, detailing what would be a second reboot for the seasoned franchise. Marking the game as an origin story, the narrative would follow a younger, less-experienced Croft. The document also set the game off the coast of Japan and seemed ripe with supernatural influences, explored through open-world and survival horror play.

Earlier this week concept art categorized simply as “Tomb Raider” populated into a gallery on an ex-Crystal Dynamics employee's portfolio. Today Eurogamer has confirmed with an anonymous source that some of the artwork found in the gallery is indeed related to the next Tomb Raider title, which corroborates with the mentioned Eastern setting and influences.

According to Eurogamer’s undisclosed source, the leaked documents form early last year were also legitimate and  Crystal Dynamics is currently deep in Tomb Raider territory. Split into two teams, the smaller is polishing off Summer of Arcade title Lara Croft and the Guardian of the Light. The larger team is hard at work on the new game, which is rumored to hit retail holiday of 2011.

We have to admit that all the rumors and speculation have us intrigued. Lara’s well-documented past has included several makeovers and one legitimate reboot already, but if accurate, this would mark a true departure for the series. Crystal Dynamics has already shown their willingness to shake up the Tomb Raider formula this year, developing a downloadable, co-op adventure starring Lady Lara. While we’re excited for Guardian of the Light and the new direction it ushers in, fans still demand a core Tomb Raider title.

At this point all rumors, including the launch window,  are unconfirmed. It appears that Crystal Dynamics' parent company, Square Enix, is staying quiet on the matter, too.