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Metro 2033 Sequel Confirmed

by Phil Kollar on Jun 29, 2010 at 09:30 AM

UPDATE: According to a post on CVG, a Metro 2033 sequel (titled Metro 2034) has been confirmed by THQ. The publisher's core games VP, Danny Bilson, revealed the sequel to the publication at E3, also noting that the sequel will feature 3D technology. I'm not interested in the 3D, but I'm glad to hear that 4A Games gets to continue building this fascinating and terrifying world.

ORIGINAL STORY: I really loved Metro 2033, but given its origin from a small, brand new Ukrainian developer and its somewhat quiet release -- not to mention the self-contained story in the game -- I'm not necessarily expecting a sequel. If recent hints via Twitter are any indication, though, developer 4A Games is certainly planning for one.

Over on the official Twitter account for Metro 2033, the following entry was posted this morning:

"STILL trying to fix a bug in the DLC. We'd better not have this problem with Metro 2034. Or Metro 2035. Or... yeah, you get it ;)"

Metro 2033 is based on a Russian novel by author Dmitry Glukhovsky. The sequel, released in Russia last year, was titled  Metro 2034, naturally, so it makes sense that if the games continue, they'll follow a similar naming convention. We've heard from other sources that Metro 2033 was profitable for THQ, perhaps enough so that a sequel was requested.

However serious they are about the suggested sequels, the Twitter account also confirms that the DLC they're finishing up is "our one and only piece of DLC." Whatever 4A Games is working on next, it sounds like they'll be getting started very soon.