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Week In Review: 06/25

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jun 26, 2010 at 05:00 AM

I'm not going to lie, the week after E3 usually stinks for gamers: We at GI are swamped putting together the next massive issue of the magazine, and the rest of the industry has already revealed whatever interesting info they're going to have for the next couple of months. So let's just roll this week in with last week's shenanigans and call it a day, shall we? It's time for a special E3 edition of Week In Review, with so many previews of games you're probably going to vomit!

We rolled out so much exclusive content during E3, we can't possibly cram it all into the regular WIR format. Instead, here are the important places to go to find the information you're looking for:

Game Informer's Best of E3 Awards:
We were lucky enough to play just about every game that was being shown at E3 (and even a couple that were only available behind closed doors), so we feel pretty confident when we say that the games in this feature are truly the best of the best. But that doesn't mean you can't gripe to your heart's content in the comments section!

The Game Informer Show In HD:
Because this E3 was the first since the redesign of the website, we had a lot of first experiences last week. None of them were cooler than doing a live video version of The Game Informer Show every night from the show. We now have recordings of each show up in case you missed them: Episode 1 covers Assassin's Creed multiplayer, Twisted Metal, and Gears of War 3; Episode 2 covers Dead Space 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, and Kinect; and Episode 3 covers Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Portal 2, and Bulletstorm. There were a whole lot of other great titles discussed in those shows too, so watch them now!

Microsoft's Lineup:
This is our hub for Microsoft, where you can check out all of our Microsoft-related coverage from E3. If you have an Xbox 360, browse this section to find out what will make your friends who don't own a 360 jealous. If you're looking for Kinect-specific stories, check out our Kinect hub.

Nintendo's Lineup:
A lot of people are saying Nintendo stole the show. How? By taking the focus off of motion controllers and placing it on a solid lineup of first party titles, and the very cool 3DS. Here's where you'll find all of our Nintendo news from the show. If you just want the scoop on Nintendo's new handheld, check out our 3DS hub.

Sony's Lineup:
I'm not sold on the Move, and I don't have a lot of interest in buying a 3D television, but Sony has a great lineup of exclusive games coming to the PS3. You can read about them all here, or check out our Move hub for more on Sony's foray into motion controllers.

Don't Forget About Infamous 2!
With all of the E3 festivities going on you may have forgotten that last issue's cover story was all about Infamous 2. As such, we've been rolling out a ton of exclusive Infamous 2 features, which didn't stop just because of some little expo in L.A. So be sure to check out our latest features: a time lapse sketch of Cole's new look courtesy of Infamous 2 artist Mike Haney; an in-depth look at the decisions behind the character redesign; a first look at Infamous 2's new city, New Marais; the evolution of Infamous 2's bad guys; revealing info on Cole's new abilities; and a video interview with the guys at Sucker Punch discussing what makes the sequel cool. If that's not enough, we've got more Infamous 2 features on the way!

This is the place where I'd normally list the top news stories from the week. The problem? We ran over 250 stories during E3, which you can browse through at our main E3 hub. Instead of listing them all again, I'm going to point you to the really good stuff.

Here are our top 80 previews from E3, most of which contain hands-on impressions (as evident by how embarrassingly often the term "hands-on" shows up in the titles):

  1. Halo: Reach Campaign Unveiled
  2. Your Shape Fitness Evolved First Impressions
  3. Dead Space 2 In Action
  4. Brink Delivers Multiplayer For Soloists And Online Gamers
  5. First Look At De Blob: The Underground
  6. Red Faction: Armageddon: The Evolution Of Destruction
  7. Spec Ops: The Line Shaking Up The Formula For Military Shooters
  8. Hands-on With inXile's Hunted
  9. Nintendo Assuages Our Fears, Metroid: Other M Hands On
  10. GoldenEye's Multiplayer Is As Fun As It Ever Was
  11. Hands-On Impressions Of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  12. PilotWings Resort Offers Fresh Take On 3D Gaming
  13. Kid Icarus: Uprising Impressions
  14. First Hands-On With Donkey Kong Country Returns
  15. Mario Sports Mix Hands-On Impressions
  16. NHL 2K11 First Impressions
  17. Kirby's Epic Yarn First Hands-On
  18. NBA 2K11 First Impressions
  19. First Impressions: Heavy Rain for Move
  20. Hands-On With God of War: Ghost of Sparta
  21. Hands-On With The Shoot For PS3 Move
  22. We Get Our Feet Wet In Hydrophobia
  23. First Look: Sports Champions With PS3's Move
  24. Killzone 3 Hands-On In 3D
  25. LittleBigPlanet 2 First Hands-On
  26. Halo: Reach Firefight Mode Premieres
  27. Castlevania: Harmony Of Despair Hands-On Impressions
  28. Deus Ex: Human Revolution May Actually Be A Revolution
  29. True Crime Takes Aim At Grand Theft Auto
  30. Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock Hands-On
  31. Rage Preview: Meet The Waste Of The Wasteland
  32. GoldenEye 007 Single-Player Impressions
  33. Sonic Colors Wii Preview
  34. Valkyria Chronicles II: Hands-On Impressions
  35. Hands-On With Platinum's Vanquish
  36. Hands-On With The Conduit 2
  37. Marvel vs Capcom 3 First Hands On Impressions
  38. Bulletstorm: Encouraging Your Sadistic Side In 2011
  39. DJ Hero 2 Mixes It Up
  40. Fable 3 Demo At E3 With Peter Molyneux
  41. Hands-On With Mortal Kombat
  42. Gears of War 3 Unleashes Beast Mode
  43. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Innovates Through Multiplayer
  44. Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes Is One To Watch
  45. The Destructive Drama Of Crysis 2
  46. Lord Of The Rings And Gritty Hack-And-Slash Team Up
  47. Hands-On With Dead Rising 2's Campaign
  48. Hands On With The Next Handheld Final Fantasy
  49. Kinectimals Is As Cute As Its Name Is Terrible
  50. Like Jumping And Ducking? Kinect Adventures Will Blow Your Mind
  51. We Take Microsoft's Joy Ride For A Spin
  52. Kinect Sports Walks A Well-Worn Path Pretty Well
  53. Hands-On With F.E.A.R. 3
  54. Hands-On With The Lord Of The Rings: Aragorn's Quest
  55. Hands-On With Guilty Party at E3
  56. Hands-On With Medal of Honor Multiplayer
  57. The World of Test Drive Unlimited 2
  58. Hands-On With Ubisoft's Answer to Wii Sports: Motion Sports for Kinect
  59. Hands-On With Blade Kitten
  60. Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Feels Like God Of War Lite
  61. Driver: San Francisco - So Crazy It Just Might Work
  62. Bodycount: Shooting The S--- Out Of Stuff!
  63. Navigating Enslaved's Lush World, First Hands-On
  64. The Agency Is Much Improved This Year
  65. DC Universe Online's E3 Hands-On Leaves Much Unanswered
  66. LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars Is As Goofy As Expected
  67. WWE All Stars Looks To Be The NBA Jam Of Wrestling Titles
  68. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Is Proud To Be Hardcore
  69. First Look At Trinity: Souls Of Zill O'll
  70. What's New In Dead Space 2
  71. End Of Nations Might Pull Off MMORTS
  72. Vindictus E3 Hands-On Brings Good News
  73. The Force Unleashed II: What's Improving?
  74. Batman: Brave And The Bold Has Enough Heroes And Humor To Impress
  75. Rock Band 3 Now With Real Guitars
  76. 2K Changes The Game With Civilization V
  77. Epic Mickey Keeps Looking Better And Better
  78. Mafia II E3 Hands-On Impressions
  79. A Look At New Gameplay Features In XCOM
  80. Pirates Offers More Than Expected

And that catches us up to the present day. Be sure to check out the latest Replay featuring Devil May Cry, and check out what the GI staff and the community are up to in this week's editions of Weekend Warrior and Blog Herding. See you next week, when it's back to business as usual!