Is Hulu Streaming Coming To The PS3?

by Jeff Cork on Jun 25, 2010 at 03:31 AM

A few weeks ago there were rumblings that Hulu was bringing its streaming-video services to the Xbox 360. E3 came and went without any confirmation or discussion from Microsoft about those rumored plans. Well, it looks like PlayStation 3 owners won't be left out of this hypothetical party. Reuters is reporting that Sony is in talks with Hulu, too, and that news of a partnership between the two companies could be announced as early as next week.

According to its anonymous sources, Reuters reports that PSN users would be able to access Hulu’s content—including TV shows from NBC, Fox, and ABC—after paying for a subscription. Earlier reports priced that rumored Xbox 360 service at about $10 a month, which would be right in line with the low end of competitor Netflix’s streaming offerings. Sony and Hulu have yet to respond, though it’s unlikely that we’ll hear anything from the two companies unless (or until) a partnership is announced.

Netflix is now available on all three major consoles, and it would stand to reason that Hulu would have to take its rival on all fronts if it wishes to compete in the console space.

We’ll keep you posted.