Xbox Live Giving Families Gold

by Matthew Kato on Jun 22, 2010 at 04:50 AM

This November, Microsoft is giving families looking to get into Xbox Live a deal that includes four memberships for the price of two, as well as updated family control settings, with the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack.

Although it would appear this would be a great way to snag a bunch of cheap new accounts, it looks like they might be connected and controlled via a master account – which would presumably be the head of the household. This master account can dole out Microsoft Points and monitor the activity of the others in the Family Pack. In general, there will be a Family Center on the dashboard (also accessible via Xbox Live.com), where all the settings and account management take place. The Family Gold Pack also enables family discounts and exclusive content.

In November there will also be improvements to the Xbox 360's family settings, such as the ability to block all mature content (including movies, etc.), the ability to make title exceptions for games you deem appropriate and you want your family to play, and more profile customization of activity and privacy settings.

All of this will come just in time for Kinect, so Microsoft should see a bump in subscriptions with a deal this good.

via Shacknews