LA's "Missed Connections" On Craigslist Is ALL E3 Crap

by Dan Ryckert on Jun 22, 2010 at 12:18 PM

You wander up to the Pac-Man kiosk at E3 with your super-sweet dark brown camo pants, when you notice a gorgeous woman absolutely dominating those dots and ghosts. Your heart skips several beats, your palms get sweaty, and you tell yourself you've never seen such a stunning creation in all your life. Being the desirable male that you are, you manage to beat everyone else at the 30 year-old arcade game, thrust your hands into the air, and dash back to your hotel to post to Craigslist's "Missed Connections." This is how great loves begin.

In a side effect to E3 that I never knew existed until now, it appears that men (and one woman) are trying to reconnect with desirable partners they encountered on the show floor via that site you use to sell your crappy old TV. Without further ado, here are the ads currently posted:

Jun 20 - star wars girl - m4w - 29 -  (e3)

You are incredibly attractive, dark skinned, short with great hair. We exchanged glances several times while you were playing Star Wars at E3 on Thursday. We spoke briefly on your way out and you had the softest hands I've ever felt. You came back after you left and asked me for my email address and said you wouldn't forget. I hope you didn't. Mail me :)

Jun 18 - e3 - model at ufc booth - m4w - 22 -  (convention center)

pardon my punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors.......just trying to mask my identity.. lol. but u were one of the models working the ufc booth at E3, u were the blonde girl wit long hair, workin the 2nd half of the e3 days. i talked to u the most on the last day, but the previous two days, not so much.... we did make eye contact a few occasions thru out the week.

i kno this is a longshot, since who reads this other than ppl who look for a good laugh??? if this is u, try to reply with wut we talkd about, or try to pick out who i was & wut i was wearin..


You were kicking everyone's ass while I was cheering you on. Then it was my turn up. You watched for a bit then disappeared. I think you were a photographer. I really wanted to talk to you more and give you my number. I was the guy in dark brown camo pants. My buddy was standing next to you he died like every level. I made it through to the end and gave the victory pose. Long shot but just thought i'd try this. Any girl that can kick ass at games like that I'd love to hang out with.

Jun 18 - Capcom 1942 Booth Babe wearing pantyhose - m4w - 40

E3 this week. Capcom 1942 booth babe - the one wearing suntan pantyhose with her costume. I want to get your number. I would love to take you out and get to know you. Please contact me here.

Jun 17 - To my Helghast Soldier at E3 - w4m - 21 -  (E3)

You were the tallest one of them all, armor clad and looking rather delicious. I don't know- I suppose I have a bit of a costume fetish (and video game boys), but wow. You looked astounding in that gear. I can even begin to imagine what you'd look like without it, nor do I really care. All I am sure of is that I really want you. Seriously, haha. Costumed and masked- your identity is safe. Hell, I don't care which Helghast soldier I get. I just want one of you.

I was the slim, tall blonde (5'10, 132lbs) in the short black and white dress, tapping my foot and waiting impatiently by the exit of the KZ3 kiosk for a friend. It was around 2 or 3PM, I suppose. I had been lurking around earlier but decided to try the 3D demo when the line wasn't so long. I made a comment about your costume being rather sexy when you attempted to spook me. I tugged gently at your vest and giggled and I kept coming by and snapping more shots of you. I did a little lurking, as I'm sure you saw, and I'm almost positive that you were watching too (well, it's hard to see past those glowing goggled eyes).

Send me a message and I'll respond with all the dirty little things I was thinking about doing to you.. all of the dirty things I could be doing to you today, at the last day of the convention before the costume is gone. That is, if it's gone. You keep it and I'll meet you. Anywhere. Anytime.

Jun 15 - Cute boy in E3 - m4m

Hey, I'm thinking you're probably straight, but I hope not. You were cute. I was in on Tuesday and played a PS3 game. Tell me something about the game..... There were a few highlights I guess. Here's hoping you like dudes :)


So there you have it. Whether or not any of these posts get answered by their intended target (spoiler: they won't) is up in the air, but it proves that E3 is more than sweaty nerds, long lines, and free USB sticks. It's where love is born.