Is The New Xbox 360 Slim Really Quieter?

by Nick Ahrens on Jun 21, 2010 at 01:45 PM

Yes, actually. While last week's announcement of the new Xbox 360 slim promised much needed changed to the console, many were left wondering if the system really was more quiet than the current model. Today we received a brand new one and popped in a few games to find out.

Starting with one of the loudest games we've ever played, Mass Effect 2, we fired up a new game and put the TV on mute. The verdict? Well it seems to make the same sounds as before, just much quieter all around. Getting really close to the unit, I could hear the system making it's normal searching and seeking sounds but thanks to the new optical drive and fan system, it's not really an issue. It really is a big difference. And for good measure, the disc version of Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and the Damned was thrown in as well with the same results.

While the amount of decibels a console makes might not really be a reason to buy or not to buy, many Xbox 360s in the wild are either dead or dying thanks to the red ring of death. While we cannot say that these new ones wont suffer the same fate, we can say they pack in all of the good stuff that used to cost more like 802.11N WiFi, a 250GB HDD and more USB ports than you can shake your fist at.

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