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Navigating Enslaved’s Lush World, First Hands-On

by Ben Reeves on Jun 17, 2010 at 01:32 PM

We stepped onto Monkey’s new hover board and knocked a giant robotic dog off a cliff. Obviously, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is looking awesome.

We’ve been tracking Ninja Theory’s futuristic action title for a while now, but this is the first time we’ve gotten our hands on the game. Fortunately, it controls great. Fans of Ninja Theory’s Heavenly Sword will definitely be happy. Within minutes we were ripping heads off battle droids, doing large area attacks, and kicking robots into explosive mines.

One of the new mechanics we were pleased to see was Monkey’s hover board, a small device called Cloud. We used it to cross open water and reach otherwise inaccessible areas of New York. This came particularly handy when we needed to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, which had completely collapsed on itself after years of battle and overgrowth.

Our time with Enslaved left us pretty positive on the game. Its combat feel great, and the platforming is very fluid. We just hope to see some of the game’s puzzles before its release in October.