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Madden NFL 11 For Wii Now Includes Franchise Mode

by Matthew Kato on Jun 17, 2010 at 12:45 PM


The Wii version of the Madden franchise hasn't made much of a mark as compared to its big brother, but this year's title is adding some substance with a Franchise mode.

One of the big features in all the Maddens this year is the GameFlow play calling option which lets you streamline that aspect of that game, and it's in the Wii version. But perhaps the bigger news is that the Franchise mode is now in. Sure, you can get all the touneys and 5-on-5 play of last year's game, but Franchise is the one of the tenets of the series.

Franchise mode is a lot like it has been in previous Maddens, complete with the draft, free agency, etc. The thing that makes this mode different on the Wii is the fact that your team will have a campus, complete with your stadium, team offices, and the surrounding city. This is your Franchise hub, and it will change as the fortunes of your club go up and down. Do bad and fans will be picketing your HQ and the whole area will have a run down, shanty town look. Do good and they'll be partying in the streets and your buildings will be gilded with gold.

On the field, Madden for the Wii now lets you create customized routes for your receivers when you come up to the line, and you can create up to three cut points per route, so you can have a WR start inside, head toward the sideline, and then zig-zag back inside. Defenses also get their own pre-snap options with the ability to create custom zone coverages and blitzes on the fly. Only the linemen don't get this luxury.

Madden for the Wii has lagged behind the versions on the other systems, but the addition of Franchise mode now gives it some much-needed depth.

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