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LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars Is As Goofy As Expected

by Ben Reeves on Jun 17, 2010 at 02:00 PM

If you think we’ve seen too many LEGO Star Wars games in recent years, think again. Don’t insult LucasArt’s creativity, there are still plenty of things the LEGO Star Wars games haven’t done.

As the title would suggest, this title will cover the Clone Wars era of Star Wars mythology, dipping into everything from the movies to the recent CG cartoon. One big improvement the series is seeing is an upgrade to the combat system. I saw Yoda doing some light saber combos, which should help mix up the press-attack-repeat strategy of previous LEGO titles.

The Force will also be a more integral part of the game this time around. Yoda was able to pick up objects and enemies within the environment and throw them around, and at one point we saw him throw his light saber like a boomerang.

In previous LEGO Star Wars games, the space combat was on rail, but in Clone Wars players will have the freedom to fly in any direction. I witnessed a saw a small fighter blow open a hole in a giant frigate, then the fly into the giant ship and land before the pilot stole one of the enemy’s fighters.

I’ll be honest; I haven’t been a huge fan of the LEGO games in the past. They’ve been mindlessly fun, but they haven’t been able to keep my interest for long. That said, Clone Wars is probably the best LEGO game I’ve seen, so it might be worth picking up when it comes out in 2011.