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On Tour With Shaun White’s Skateboarding

by Ben Reeves on Jun 16, 2010 at 11:42 AM

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We just had a chance to check out Shaun White Skateboarding in 3D. Our eyes walked away strain free, and our hands are itching to play the game.

Ubisoft is ready to go 3D. Shaun White Skateboarding is one of the company’s latest titles that will support multiple 3D technologies. But 3D isn’t the only reason to get a look at this title; the skateboarding game lets you transform the environment around you as you skate.

Shaun will build up an Influence meter as he performs tricks. The more Influence Shaun has, the more the environment around him will change. We saw ramps shoot up out off the ground, buildings topple into more skate-friendly structures, and the whole world burst into color as Shaun struts his steez all over the environment. As he skates, Shaun will also be able to build ramps, extend rails to grind on, and lower platforms, all of which will help him get to new areas worth exploring.

The game is broken into five districts, which unlock as players progress through a larger open world. Like most open-world games, Shaun picks up missions along the way, but the terraforming he performs is persistent. One of the scriptwriters from Family Guy was even hired to help write a funny story that would last about 10 hours. And players can expect there to up over 80 skateboarding tricks in the final game.

It’s a good thing that Shaun’s game has such a unique hook. With Activision’s Tony Hawk and EA’s Skate franchises already established on the market, Shaun White’s game is going to need to stand out like his wild hair. Thankfully, the game looks original enough that it might be worth playing when it comes out later this fall.