A New Challenger Enters The MMA Ring With Supremacy

by Ben Reeves on Jun 16, 2010 at 01:41 PM

A couple of video game developers have tackled mixed martial arts fighting, but if you want an MMA game that includes *** fights and stripper poles, 505 Games' Supremacy MMA, has you covered.

Developer Kung-Fu Factory may not have an expensive fighting license, but it would prefer to think that it is just unconstrained by any need to make its game look like a real television broadcast. Instead, the team is developing a game that focuses on the brutal cage fights that first made MMA fighting popular about a decade ago.

Kung-Fu Factory is looking to make a fast-paced, more arcade-y experience that could appeal to fans of the Street Fighter series. There are no coaches to stop the action if someone gets hurt, so if players aren’t careful, they could cause irreparable damage to their fighters.

Does the industry need three MMA games? We buy dozens of military shooters every year, so why not? The team at Kung-Fu Factory is made up of guys who’ve worked on the Dreamcast UFC game and even THQ’s UFC Undisputed 2009, so might be worth hopping in Supremacy’s ring when the game comes to 360 and PS3, likely next year.