e3 2010

The Scoop On The Sly Cooper Collection

by Annette Gonzalez on Jun 15, 2010 at 06:00 PM

Back in 2002, Sucker Punch introduced us to a memorable raccoon thief that sneaks his way through a wonderfully realized cel-shaded world. The popularity of Sly's debut title spawned two more stealth/platforming games, and fans still clamored for more. It began with Thievious Raccoonus, then onto Band of Thieves, and finally Honor Among Thieves, all three of which will be available this fall and optimized in high-definition and 3D.

Sucker Punch certainly has its hands full as they are currently developing InFamous 2. Because of this, development for the high-def, 3D Sly ports will be handled by Sanzaru Games, whose previous work includes the PS2 port of Secret Agent Clank. Sony says Sanzaru is working closely with key members of Sucker Punch who were involved in the development of the original Sly games to make sure they get the game done right.

During a demo of the collection we were placed in the midst of a battle with General Tsao, the anthropomorphic chicken with a spiked shield familiar to fans of the series. Just like in Sly 3 the battle took place in a bamboo field where Sly hopped from pole to pole in order to avoid the threat below, then ocasionally jumped down to give the piece of poultry a solid whack with his golden hook.

The game is still in the pre-alpha phase of development so we didn’t get to see much else. However, even at this early stage, controls felt solid and the cel-shaded visuals were running smoothly in 3D and look as vibrant as ever. It is a vast improvement over Sly 3's attempt at 3D thanks to technological leaps over the PS2. I’m still not comfortable with the idea of wearing goofy glasses, thankfully 3D is optional. The collection will also include unlockable Move-compatible mini-games and there will be trophy support. Stay tuned for more details as they come.

The Sly Cooper Collection will make its Blu-ray debut this fall at a price point Sony says will be comparable to the God of War Collection.

Anyone looking foward to the collection?