e3 2010

PlayStation Plus Subscription Details Revealed

by Annette Gonzalez on Jun 15, 2010 at 11:00 AM

At Sony's press conference this afternoon, president and CEO Jack Tretton detailed the elusive PlayStation Plus subscription service.

Tretton said PlayStation Network access will remain free, and nothing will change in that respect. PlayStation Plus, he said, is designed to work along with existing offerings in order to "elevate your game."

With the added subscription, users will get exclusive digital content, early access to game demos, exclusive beta invites, full PSN games, themes, Minis, product discounts, and auto downloads that will push firmware to your PS3 to avoid pesky update alerts at startup.

PlayStation Plus will become available later this month in the following price tiers: One year will cost $49.99 or you can get three months for $17.99. When the program kicks off later this month you'll get a free three-month trial subscription. Launch offerings will include Wipeout HD (full game), Infamous trial, Field Runners, Age of Zombies, Rally Cross, downloadable content, avatars, DLC levels, map packs, Qore digital magazine subscription, and more. Note, however, that the content is only yours during the duration of your subscription. End your subscription and you'll lose access to the content.

What do you think of the subscription service? Would you consider it?