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e3 2010

Nintendo's Long-Awaited Resurrection Of A Classic NES Character

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jun 15, 2010 at 01:06 PM

We have been teasing Pit fans for weeks that Nintendo will never make another Kid Icarus game, primarily because fans want a sequel so badly. Luckily, Nintendo wasn’t listening: Today they announced Kid Icarus: Uprising, a new adventure that will utilize the 3DS’s impressive new technology.

The demo we saw is non-interactive, so there’s no telling how the game will play. The 3D effects are impressive however, especially during the flying segments. Whenever Pit takes to the air, he hangs in the foreground, while the environment flies by. The field of depth (which is adjustable via a slider on the front of the 3DS) is more prominent than I expected, and the only distortion occurs when objects approach the very edge of the screen.

The environments are also graphically impressive, outdoing anything we’ve seen on the DS so far (although it’s a little hard to judge, because again the sense of depth adds a lot to the visuals). Kid Icarus contains less detail when Pit flies around, mainly due to his size on the screen.

At the very end of the demo, a wizard turns Pit into an eggplant, a nice bit of fan service for gamers who have been wanting a full-fledged sequel for a long, long time (don’t let our jokes fool you – that includes us too). We’ll bring you more on Kid Icarus: Uprising as information becomes available.