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e3 2010

Hands-On With The Shoot For PS3 Move

by Bryan Vore on Jun 15, 2010 at 06:14 PM

On rails shooters are a natural fit for Wii, and now Sony’s jumping into the genre boasting HD and better control. We tried The Shoot to see if Move can deliver in this department.

The game, developed by Cohort Studios, is based on a series of five Hollywood movie genres including western, mobster, robots, haunted house, and something called “Deep Perils,” which sounds like it could be set in a mine or something. Each genre has four levels for a total of 20.

We played the western level which consisted of slightly animated shooting gallery pop-up gunmen coming to get us. This is a family game so these guys just bust into wooden pieces rather than bloody giblets. The Move pointer feels extremely accurate and makes it easy to rack up kill combos. Explosive barrels litter the environment and provide major points. Rather than fire a six-gun, some enemies throw knives that you can either shoot or dodge. You actually have to crouch down in real life to get behind cover or lean to the side to avoid damage. If an enemy is right up in your business, you can punch towards the screen for a melee attack. The most powerful move, however, happens when you aim the Move remote at the ground and fire, causing a shockwave that wipes out all onscreen enemies.

After our quick hands-on, The Shoot seems like an enjoyable breezy time and gives us hope for HD on-rail shooter experiences like the upcoming Dead Space Extraction port included with the PS3’s version of Dead Space 2.