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e3 2010

First Look: Sports Champions With PS3's Move

by Matthew Kato on Jun 15, 2010 at 06:36 PM

The Wii Sports equivalent for PS3's Move is Sports Champions, which features six different sports.

Sports Champions has six sports: Disc Golf, Gladiator Duel, Archery, Beach Volleyball, Boche Ball, and Table Tennis. Each one can be played with a single Move controller, while some of them, like Archery or Gladiator Duel, also support the use of a second Move controller (not the sub-controller). For Archery, for instance, this adds an extra step of realism because it's used in reaching back into your quiver to get your arrows. In Gladiator Duel the extra controller represents your shield. While some of the activities, like Gladiator Duel, are specifically head-to-head, you can also play with others by passing the controller.

The Move controller(s) is easily calibrated before each sport, and the game also registers which is your dominant hand. The feel and the responsiveness of the controller is pretty good, and for something like Archery or Table Tennis, it definitely felt good to have something in your hand.

You can play the activities in Sports Champions by themselves or you can participate in the game's more encompassing career mode. There is also a Challenge mode, and some of the sports have multiple stages to add extra replay value.