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e3 2010

First Impressions: Heavy Rain for Move

by Joe Juba on Jun 15, 2010 at 05:19 PM

Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain was a hot topic of discussion when it released earlier this year, but the game isn't done sparking conversations quite yet. A new version of the game is in the works for Sony's Move, featuring a control scheme tailored for the new device.

While the content of game seems to be identical to the original, the team has made a few tweaks. First of all, most of the inputs appeared to be based on moving the wand; you'll tilt, thrust, and rotate in ways that make sense in context and roughly approximate the characters' motions on-screen. These kinds of actions comprised the majority of our demo, though a few button prompts (like the Move button and T button) came up occasionally.

The way you navigate the environments will also be different for the Move iteration. You'll just use the analog stick to steer your character -- no more holding the R2 button to walk forward, which should make it easier to move through those crowds at your favorite disco. Also of note is the fact that there are only two difficulties now, one geared for hardcore players and the other for more casual gamers.

Heavy Rain's transition Move seems like a natural fit, and Quantic Dream's Guillame de Fondaumière pointed out that motion controls were always in consideration for the game. In fact, early on in development, Quantic Dream was considering developing its own motion-based peripheral to include with the game in order to accommodate the gameplay. However, once the team heard Sony's plans for Move, they decided to adopt that technology instead. 

No specific release details have been announced, but you should expect Heavy Rain again close to the Move's launch date. If you haven't picked up the original version yet, you should consider buying the likely Move/Heavy Rain pack-in combo. For gamers who already bought Heavy Rain, the Move-enabled control scheme will be made available as a free patch.