e3 2010

Move-Enabled Dead Space: Extraction Port Coming To PS3

by Phil Kollar on Jun 15, 2010 at 11:00 AM

In addition to showing off a gruesome boss battle from Dead Space 2 at their press conference, Sony revealed gamers playing EA's latest horror action game on PlayStation 3 will receive a nice bonus pack-in.

Dead Space: Extraction, originally released for Wii last year, will be ported to PS3 and packed in with Dead Space 2 on that platform. The port will use Sony's new Move controller to emulate the shooter action provided by the Wii remote in the original version.

The PS3 version of Extraction will include a co-op mode and a full collection of Trophies to unlock. For those not purchasing Dead Space 2 on PS3, Extraction will also be available as a stand-alone PlayStation Network download.

When Extraction was released last year, it received solid critical buzz but distressingly dismal sales. It's cool that EA has come up with a unique way to recycle the game's content. This is a great bonus for PS3 owners already planning to buy Dead Space 2 and may push some multi-platform users to pick up the PS3 version.