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e3 2010

Dead Space 2 In Action

by Joe Juba on Jun 14, 2010 at 12:01 PM

Dead Space was a surprise horror hit for Electronic Arts, and EA used its E3 press conference to show gamers a scene from the terrifying sequel.

The gameplay demo began with Isaac standing in the Church of Unitology (the structure, though it is also a larger organization), which looks like a cross between a chapel and an alien hive. Sure enough, after just a few moments, Isaac is assaulted by a swarm of necromorphs the size of children. Part of Visceral Games' goal with Dead space 2 is to make Isaac feel less vulnerable. His newfound power is on display as he fights against the swarm, shooting electrified javelins and executing brutal melee attacks against the little buggers.

We also saw more of Isaac's special abilities in action, including stasis, which allows him to slow down enemies to strategically dismember them. Telekinesis also looks more useful this time around, with more weapon-like objects laying around and waiting to be thrown at monsters. The demo concluded with Isaac crawling into an elevator, which immediately turns into an airlock as one of the glass panes shatters. Pieces of the floor are torn off and sucked into space as Isaac hangs on for his life. He escapes by jumping down a hatch, but before we can see how the situation resolves, Dead Space 2 executive producer Steve Papoutsis told the audience that we'd have to wait until Sony's press conference tomorrow to see more.

You, however, don't have to wait. This section of the game is similar to what we saw for our cover story, and you can find out what we know so far about Dead Space 2 at the game's hub right here.