Crytek Announces Codename Kingdoms For 360

by Tim Turi on Jun 14, 2010 at 08:10 AM

The PC developer known for pushing hardware to its breaking point is at it again, only this time the game doesn't involve guns or enhancement suits. Crytek announced a very gritty, blood-soaked game called Codename Kingdoms at the Microsoft Press Conference in Los Angeles today, using only live actors.

The reveal trailer shows a man standing in a dark battlefield, caked with fresh blood and having a very deep inner monologue. He wields a spartan-like sword and shield, and speaks of overcoming oppressive forces against all odds. As war drums beat in the background, well-armed men join him from behind. Codename Kingdom's dark presentation is reminiscent of the movie 300, but seeing another Spartan in the context of a video game only makes me think of God of War.

Could Crytek and Microsoft be looking to bring a God of War killer to Xbox 360?