Risk Gets Cartoony With New XBLA Trailer

by Adam Biessener on Jun 11, 2010 at 09:55 AM

EA is bringing board game classic Risk to Xbox Live Arcade on June 23. This trailer – the fifth in a series depicting the Saturday morning cartoon-like backstory – has something to do with rolling enormous snowballs onto cats. We're not entirely sure what that's about.

Risk: Factions is coming from Stainless Games, the studio behind the solid XBLA title Magic: The Gathering – Planeswalkers. It contorts the board game original by adding unique powers to each of its five factions and offering objective-based modes and dynamic terrain.

Any change to the spartan simplicity of the board game is a good thing in my book. I'm no Risk fan, but having a good studio bringing some new ideas to the table in this digital adaptation makes Risk: Factions worth a look.