e3 2010

Game Informer's Got E3 Covered

by Annette Gonzalez on Jun 11, 2010 at 04:15 PM

Gaming’s largest industry event officially kicks off next week, and the Game Informer crew will be in LA to bring you the latest breaking news, previews, interviews, media galleries, and more on the hottest upcoming games straight from the E3 show floor.  We’ve been working hard to make gameinformer.com the destination for all of your E3 coverage needs, and here’s what we’ll have to offer to make sure you don’t miss a beat:


For all things E3, the Official E3 Hub will be updated on the fly with all content related to gaming’s biggest expo. For console specific coverage, we’ll also have separate destinations for The Big Three: Microsoft E3 Hub, Sony E3 Hub, and Nintendo E3 Hub. Plus separate hubs covering each company's latest technology: Natal, Move, and 3DS.

Live Conference Streaming

Game Informer will be at each press conference providing a live stream straight to your computer for all the latest announcements as they break via the Live Hub. Tune in at the following dates and times:

Microsoft Media Briefing: Monday, June 14 @ 10am Pacific

Nintendo E3 Presentation: Tuesday, June 15 @ 9am Pacific

SCEA E3 Press Event: Tuesday, June 15 @ 12pm Pacific

The Game Informer Show – Live Video

Next week we’re ditching the traditional audio podcast formula for a live filmed show. Nick Ahrens will host as editors stop by the Game Informer stage to chat about the latest news, announcements, and show floor impressions. You won’t want to miss it! Game Informer Live will take place June 15 through June 17, @ 6pm Pacific. As with all live streaming that will occur during E3, all live videos will all be available on demand after the production, so if you don't get a chance to watch the first time, you’ll still get a chance to watch it later.

E3 Coverage on the Go

You won’t have to be glued to your computer to keep up with the latest happenings at E3. You can now get the latest Game Informer news from your mobile phone! If you don’t have full HTML web browsing capabilities on your cell, you can type in m.gameinformer.com for all the latest updates. For an even faster, image-free view check out the alternate mobile site mlite.gameinformer.com. And of course, you can always follow us on Twitter via @gameinformer for 140 characters of awesome.

We've pulled out all the stops to provide well-rounded, entertaining E3 coverage so keep coming back next week for all the latest updates!