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e3 2010

E3 Prediction Week: Day Five

by Matt Bertz on Jun 11, 2010 at 11:00 AM

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For the final day of predictions, we cross our fingers in anticipation of Devil May Cry 5, the return of SSX, and a Syphon Filter sighting.

Capcom Announces Devil May Cry 5 With Western Developer
Game Informer has it on good authority that Capcom has picked Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory to develop the next Devil May Cry, and we expect to hear about it at E3. Though Capcom has publicly said that although it doesn't want Western developers to work with new franchises, it still wants to collaborate with them on established series. Given how established Devil May Cry's action is to its fans, it'll be interesting to see what Ninja Theory brings to the table.

EA Sports Unveils New SSX
Every year since SSX Blur came out, people predict that EA will announce a new game in the series for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Once again, we're guessing – no, hoping – for this to happen. The iPhone version of the game was a good first step, but we want the whole shebang. Rumors have been circulating that Criterion is working on a new game, which has the hairs on the back of our necks standing. If SSX wasn't fast enough before, the team that brought us Burnout could really break the sound barrier. The Skate 3 dev team could be looking for a new challenge as well, and would be a perfect fit. C'mon EA, hook us up!

Almost Every Publisher Announces Dance Game For Move/Natal/Wii
Lost in all the talk about the blockbuster success of franchises like Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the unbelievable sales figures of Ubisoft’s Just Dance. Though the average gamer couldn’t pick the title out of a police lineup, the worldwide sales for this game have been amazing, standing at an estimated 3.2 million units sold. It might not be the biggest selling game of the year, but we’d guess this low-budget Wii title might be the most profitable. Heading into E3, it’s not hard to guess that the copycats are going to be coming in droves, heading for Wii and the uncharted waters of Natal and PlayStation Move. Rumors are already circulating of one being done by Rock Band creators Harmonix, but we’d be shocked if there weren’t a handful more at the show.

Syphon Filter Comes Out Of Hibernation

Sony sticks by its franchises, giving studios like Team Ico multiple games even when the sales figures don’t support the decisions. So why hasn’t the long-running Syphon Filter gotten a shot at the PS3? Gabe Logan and the gang have made strong showings on the PSP (and in the download-only Syphon Filter: Combat Ops) in recent years, and we suspect Sony is going to surprise the tactical/stealth crowd with the E3 announcement of PlayStation exclusive, big budget Syphon Filter game.

Double Fine Goes Downloadable
Tim Schafer’s crew at DoubleFine crafts some of the most amusing and unique games in the industry, but they’ve repeatedly had trouble finding a wider audience. This year, DoubleFine will try a new strategy, with a smaller game targeted towards Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Packing the same humor that the developer has always been known for, the lower budget and shorter time commitment involved with the project will be a great fit for Schafer’s crew. Pulling in elements of Schafer’s adventure genre roots, the new downloadable title will have a unique feel that sets it apart from other downloadable fare. It’s inimitable style will set it apart, and make it one of the more talked about downloadable games shown this year.

Rhythm/Music Games Underwhelm
We're reaching that inevitable point where music games are hitting the limit of what they can do with the genre. Guitar Hero is stretching with their new "Warriors of Rock" concept, featuring a full story mode. Rock Band is  introducing even more elaborate instruments, which may turn off the more casual side of its audience. Instrument-based music games look like they may have already peaked (both in terms of creativity and financial success). Look for the downward trend to start this year at E3.

Jeff Cork Goes To Bed By 8:30 Every Night
We predict that there will be parties in the evenings after the show floor closes. This is not a risky prediction; those happen every year. You know what else happens every year? Jeff  "Two Kids" Cork not going to any parties, bars, or other festivities that run past 8:30pm. Sure, he's well rested the next day, and doesn't look like he slept in a gas station restroom...but where the fun in that? Anyway, we predict Jeff "The Family Man" Cork will throw in the towel at a record 7:30pm on at least one evening during E3...possibly two. C'mon, Cork! Prove us wrong!

International Outlets Skip E3 Meetings To Watch World Cup
American gaming journalists who follow soccer got off easy. The United States clashes with England on June 12, but the next game isn’t until the Friday following E3. The rest of the world isn’t as lucky. Though European gaming outlets will surely attend this year’s conference and most of the games take place in the morning before the showfloor opens, public relation teams will likely be scrambling to fit them in overcrowded meetings after a few internationals coincidentally miss their original appointments during the airing of their country’s qualifying matches.

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