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Dead Rising 2’s Chuck Reads Playboy…For The Articles

by Jeff Cork on Jun 11, 2010 at 03:29 AM

With zombies coming at him from every conceivable angle and a 72-hour countdown, you’d think Chuck Greene would have better things to do than ogle heavily airbrushed pictorials. That’s where you’d be wrong. Capcom today announced that it’s entered into a partnership with Playboy magazine to bring some of its content to Fortune City.

The game uses a new magazine system, built around the first game’s book system, that gives players new bonuses. Capcom says that Playboy will give Chuck a “unique and special upgrade.” The mind reels. In addition to the in-game magazines, billboards and posters will be scattered around Fortune City, showing off some of mag’s content. It’s not the first time in recent memory that something like this has happened. What’s going on here, Playboy?

Capcom hints that various other publications will be in the game as well. Will they be actual magazines? If Playboy is helpful during the zombie apocalypse, we’d imagine that Guns & Ammo, Popular Mechanics, and Bon Appétit would be indispensable. We’ll see.