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Square Enix's Downloadable Line-Up

by Joe Juba on Jun 10, 2010 at 02:04 PM

Square Enix is a big name in the RPG genre, but now the company is carving out a bigger place for itself in the downloadable market. Today the publisher announced a new line-up of downloadable titles that will be releasing in the coming months, and all of them will be showcased on the E3 show floor next week.

On WiiWare, you'll be able to download two titles bearing names under the Tale of Bearsworth Manor banner. The first is called Chaotic Conflicts, and the second is Puzzling Pages – though both seem to involve using the Wii remote to throw paper bears at stuff. You can learn more in just a few short weeks; both titles release on June 21st.

Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Puzzling Pages

Space Invaders Infinity Gene is coming to both Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, and puts a new spin on the familiar formula. Instead of just blasting aliens, now you'll unlock features and power-ups as you progress. Plus, the new Music Mode will generate stages based on the music you have stored on your system.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene

Lastly, Necromachina (pictured at the top of this story) is an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive from director Kouichi Yotsui (of Strider fame). It's a 2D action title, and Square Enix's press release states the game stars "an elite unit of specially trained ninja known as Moondivers," which either sounds awesome or ridiculous – or both.

Look for more info on these titles in next week's frenzy of E3 news.