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Use Your Writing Skills To Play World Of Warcraft Expansion Early

by Phil Kollar on Jun 07, 2010 at 02:30 PM

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Blizzard will be doing the usual beta testing period for their upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm, but this time you might have to do a little bit of brain work if you want to see Azeroth's newest sights early.

Over on the official World of Warcraft website, Blizzard has revealed their Cataclysm Beta Guild Contest. It seems that rather than just inviting individuals, Blizzard is looking to bring over groups of guild members who know each other and know how to work together to test out the end-game content.

Do you think your guild would be perfect for this? You'll need to send a 50 to 250-word essay to letting them know why. Between June 7 and July 12, Blizzard will choose a total of 100 winning submissions, with each winner getting beta access for themselves as well as nine other guild members.

The decision to bring people over in groups of 10 fits in with Cataclysm's move toward making 10-man raids standard and on par with 25-man raids. If that change doesn't fill you with nerdrage, you can start writing your entry now and submit it at any time. Just note that the entry must be submitted by the guild master and be sure to scan over the contest rules first.