New Wii Party Details Emerge

by Bryan Vore on Jun 03, 2010 at 01:10 PM

Nintendo only just announced Wii Party a few weeks ago and it looks like it'll already be hitting Japan this summer with over 80 minigames.

Nintendo quietly posted a July 8 release date for the Japanese market on its official website. Shortly thereafter, retailer HMV posted the above picture and the following information on Wii Party (translated by AndriaSang) concerning three of the minigames.

Wanwan Karuta: The Wiimote for each of four players plays back a different sound. Which sound matches the animal that's shown on screen?

Remote Control Hide and Seek: Hide your Wiimote somewhere in the room and have other players search for it, relying only on the sound made by the Wiimote.

Sensitive Bomb: Hold the Wiimote like a bomb, and try to pass it off to other players without shaking it.