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Shogun 2: Total War Announced

by Adam Biessener on Jun 02, 2010 at 12:58 PM

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Steve Butts over at IGN has the first look at Shogun 2: Total War. The next edition of the ambitious strategy series is coming to PC at an unspecified point in the future compliments of franchise creators The Creative Assembly and publisher Sega. It may as well be a remake of the original Shogun: Total War (pictured), as it takes place in the same region in the same epoch, but technology and design have both come a long way in the intervening decade.

The developers haven't let a ton of details – or any screenshots or video of gameplay – out yet, but Shogun 2 already has some high points. Hero units can single-handedly take over the battlefield like KG at the Staples Center. Politics get personal as players take on the role of a powerful daimyo ruling over his fractious family and clan. Naval struggles come to Japan in the form of large, oar-driven ships exchanging blows without regard to the wind. The AI is reportedly modeled after Sun Tzu's writings, which will hopefully make tactical battles more than a race to see which broken piece of tactical logic you can exploit the fastest (Empire: Total War, I'm looking at you). Japan's multi-layered fortresses lend themselves to more complex sieges, which the unit AI will hopefully handle better than Empire's soldiers, who are baffled by everything from fences to breached walls.

I've fallen into and out of love with Total War several times in the last ten years. Maybe Shogun 2 can avoid the crippling technical problems that have ruined the experience for me once the initial spectacle lost its grip on me in the past.