Replay – Pokémon Snap

by Tim Turi on May 29, 2010 at 04:00 AM

Since its inception in1996, Pokémon has remained relevant in gaming culture. Of course the fanatic fervor has calmed since the late 90s, but I still remember a time when each new Pikachu-branded product made me feel warm and fuzzy. Pokémon Snap, a photography game for the N64 was one of those surprising spin-offs that proved to be just as much fun as the main entries. For this weeks Replay, we take a look back at the on-rails shutterbug shooter.

Join Andrew Reiner, Dan Ryckert, Phil Kollar, and I as we travel across Professor Oak's natural Pokémon habitat. We cruise the beach, a river, and even a fiery volcano in search of shots that outshine the photographs already saved onto the dusty N64 cartridge. Keep your eyes peeled for marvels like incapacitated Charmeleons, infuriatingly stupid Slowpokes, and emotionally confused Magmars. Remember to stay tuned after the Pokémon Snap Replay for an extra special, and extra educational Replay Roulette. (Be patient, the video takes a minute or two to load).

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