Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Confirmed

by Tim Turi on May 28, 2010 at 11:30 AM

Rumors pointing to the existence of a Duke Nukem’s downloadable title for the 360 have been swirling for some time now. That’s why it feels so great to hear that the game officially exists. That’s right, everyone’s favorite action movie star parody is suited up for an adventure to XBLA.

Detailed on Xbox’s official website, Manhattan Project is detailed as an "explosive 3-D action game," however, the original 2002 PC version of Manhattan Project featured 3D graphics within a 2D gameplay framework. If this XBLA version features the same 2D gameplay, fans can expect a game reminiscent of the classic, pre-FPS Duke Nukem titles. Regardless of how it's played, New York City has been infested with the alien scourge, and it’s up to Duke to clean the streets. Duke Nukem will blast away extraterrestrials in 24 levels, including Chinatown and space.

The game is rated M, and the details cite blood, gore, and violence as the potentially offensive bits. The lack of a sexual content warning has me wondering if Duke is going to be disappointed in the babes he’ll be rescuing in Manhattan Project .

As soon as we learn details such as release date and price, we'll be sure to let you know.