Mario's Voice Wants A Waluigi Game, Industry Waits With Bated Breath

by Dan Ryckert on May 27, 2010 at 12:10 PM

Charles Martinet has been voicing the Mushroom Kingdom's plumbers for many years now, and he thinks it's about time for the company's best and most beloved character to get his own game. In an interview with MTV Multiplayer, he stated that it's high time for the dashing Waluigi to have his much-deserved time in the spotlight.

He said he'd "love to see a Waluigi game where you have to cheat to win, ya know. That would be funny." He followed that statement by switching into the purple anti-hero's soothing voice, saying "Waaah...everybody's cheating but me!"

As could be expected, this news has sent shockwaves throughout an industry that has gone Waluigi-less for far too long. One associate editor for a national gaming magazine even hopes that Nintendo's E3 conference will conclude with fireworks heralding the arrival of a giant inflatable Waluigi onto the stage. This looming figure would be present to promote the upcoming Super Waluigi Galaxy, Waluigi World, Waluigi May Cry, or World Of WAHcraft.

Keep signing those petitions, everyone.