NCAA in NHL 11?

by Matthew Kato on May 27, 2010 at 06:10 AM

There's scuttlebutt going around that EA Sports and the NCAA in talks to bring college hockey teams into NHL 11.

Fresh off the official news that NHL 11 will incorporate all 60 CHL (Canadian Hockey League) teams into the game (including the Memorial Cup), Pastapadre says that the collegiate association and EA Sports are talking about bringing college teams like the Minnesota Golden Gophers into the game. This year, developer EA Canada is fleshing out the Be a Pro mode with the CHL teams, which – more so than college hockey here in the States – is where young NHL prospects are scouted and get experience before hitting the NHL.

We've known about the NCAA's desire to get into other sports than football (college basketball is now kaput), and although college hockey isn't on the minds of every sports fan, its inclusion into NHL 11 would do more than just add more teams to the back of the box – it could give Be a Pro mode more depth, context, and excitement.