New Sonic Game Announced For Wii And DS

by Tim Turi on May 26, 2010 at 06:26 AM

We all knew this day would come. The warning signs were readily apparent. Dr. Robotnik has overtaken a whimsical theme park and a race of colorful aliens has fallen into his clutches. Now it’s up to Sonic to rescue the colorful Wisps in his new adventure, Sonic Colors, for Nintendo DS and Wii. We've got the details plus the announcement trailer.

Sonic’s rescue mission isn’t a one-sided deal, the Wisps have unique color powers that grant the speedy hedgehog new powers. A yellow extraterrestrial gives him special subterranean drilling powers, and a blue critter allows him to morph into a laser and blast through the stage. Sega promises that these powers will help create new paths through stages and create the most high-speed Sonic game you’ve ever played.

The Nintendo Wii version promises to deliver both 3D and the classic 2D gameplay. The DS version will take advantage of the handheld’s dual screens. Sonic Colors is heading to Nintendo DS and Wii sometime during holiday season 2010.

Source: Sega Blog