Insomniac Signs Deal With EA Partners For New Title

by Matthew Kato on May 25, 2010 at 05:00 AM

Longtime Sony partner and Resistance and Ratchet & Clank developer, Insomniac Games, has struck a deal for a game to be published by EA Partners for a multi-platform title.

The unnamed PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 project will be the first time that the developer has put a title out on a non-Sony platform in its 16-year history. "Our goal at this point," said Insomniac founder Ted Price, "is to reach as many people as possible. We're certainly excited to bring this game to our fans on the PlayStation 3, but we also want to reach out to Xbox 360 players as well and bring the kind of experiences we've been creating for a long time to them."

An important component of Insomniac's deal with EA Partners – like Respawn before them – is that the developer will retain the rights to all the titles based on the new universe it is creating with this upcoming project. Although Price told us that the deal was for a single game, it would like to work with EAP if this first title took off and demanded more. "Our goal is to work with the best partners in the world. We also, as you can tell from our history, have a history of long relationships. So, when we find somebody we like working with, we prefer to continue working with them."

Unfortunately, Price and Insomniac aren't saying word one about the upcoming title, and Price said that although the company has been thinking about a multi-platform title for a while, not even the genre is set in stone at this point. "Our deal with EAP is about creating great content and about a great partnership. There isn't any particular genre that would be allowed or disallowed by working together."

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