Killzone 3 Officially Unveiled In 3D

by Tim Turi on May 24, 2010 at 11:02 AM

Last week rumors cropped up about Killzone 3. Today we have confirmation that the PS3-exclusive title is in the works, and that it will come in 3D. Sony has offered some details on the game’s plot, enemies, locations, and 3D capabilities.

Killzone 3 will take place right after the last game, with Helghan emperor Scolar Visari dead by Rico and Sev’s hands. The charismatic leader’s death sent planet Helghan into a downward spiral of political scheming, infighting, and homicide. To make matters worse, a nuclear warhead went off in Helghan’s capital city, wiping out the ISA forces present there. The goal of Killzone 3 is to battle the Helghast alone without ISA backup.

Players will be able to see different Helghan locations than in the last game. Along with arctic locations, you’ll also see the conflict spread to the deadly jungle and the deep reaches of space. These varied locales are promised to be ten times the size of Killzone 2’s areas. New enemy units with jetpacks and portable WMDs threaten to the turn the player into a wet smear. You’re also going to have access to a set of brutal close combat moves to even the odds.

As rumored earlier, the game is presented in Stereoscopic 3D. Sony warns that when this immersive 3D presentation is combined with high definition graphics, you'll experience the fearsome nature of war.

We will undoubtedly hear more about Killzone 3 and its 3D capabilities at E3 this year, especially considering Sony's big push for 3-dimensional gaming.