Checking Out Batman: Arkham Asylum Game Of The Year Edition...In 3D!

by Phil Kollar on May 24, 2010 at 01:06 PM

Earlier this month Square Enix released a new Game of the Year Edition of their extremely popular superhero action game, Batman: Arkham Asylum. In addition to some downloadable bonus maps packed in, this new release includes a 3D mode that works on any TV. We decided to grab some copies and test out the new 3D mode for ourselves.

Here's the new packaging. Note the awesome quote on the cover. Man, that quote must have come from a pretty great publication! Also worth noting is the box's proclamation that the game's 3D mode works on any TV. Since they're using old-school 3D image technology, you don't need a fancy new 3D TV to experience it.

Open it up, and you're greeted with these red- and green-tinted cardboard glasses. Square Enix has helpfully included two pairs in the package so that a buddy can take in the mind-blowing new technology alongside you.

Here are the glasses outside of the packaging. They're kind of flimsy, and the writing on the inside of the flaps warns about a choking hazard. I probably shouldn't have been handling these on my own.

How does the 3D actually work in action? Like the cardboard glasses included in the box, it's functional but clumsy as hell. In the half hour or so that I spent trying it out, the 3D effect was subtle but noticeable, especially on some of the guards and signs inside Arkham, and occasionally on Batman himself.

This very slight 3D effect, though cool, probably isn't worth the trade-off in terms of the graphical hit. The game becomes significantly blurrier when 3D is turned on -- even when you're wearing the glasses -- and its impressive visual details are washed out in a green-and-red filter.

Game Informer's Andrew Reiner shows off the latest in high fashion.

Also if you've ever worn this style of old-school 3D glasses at a theater, you'll know that some people are susceptible to headaches while using them. The same holds true here. It hurts even more when you turn on Batman's detective vision, which turns everything in the environment blue on top of the red and green lenses. Ow.

On the plus side, 3D mode can be toggled on and off at any time from the game's menu, so if you want to test it out but quickly decide it's not for you, or if you want to use 3D only for smaller segments throughout the game, that's totally possible.

In addition to the 3D, Game of the Year Edition comes with four extra challenge maps that were originally downloadable. It also tracks Achievements separately from the original, so if you've been looking for a reason to replay Arkham Asylum before the sequel, you can gather some extra points while doing so.

Game Informer's Dan Ryckert doesn't understand how glasses work. Also, headphones.

This is by no means an official review, but if you're looking at Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition just for its 3D capabilities, it's probably not a worthwhile investment. However, if you haven't checked out the game yet, this seems like a great package.