Square Enix's History-Changing Game Revealed

by Tim Turi on May 21, 2010 at 06:06 AM

Yesterday Square Enix made a ridiculously bold claim, that a game announced today would "change Japanese history." Today, that game has been revealed as Sengoku Ixa. Square was definitely on the mark, there. This game changes Japanese history…literally.

You see, Sengoku Ixa is similar to the Sengoku Basara series which takes place during key events in Japanese history, and even stars prominent figures from the country’s past. Thing is, they change history to make it entertaining. In this case, they’re aiming to combine history of feudal Japan and a farm simulator for a free to play browser-based game.

In Sengoku Ixa, players manage land while also waging war with others in the signature Sengoku way. Each player only controls a small group of warriors, but can bolster their effortsby working with other warlords. Players can also use their phones to vote on battles to sway victory one way or another. Once a foe is conquered, their land is available for harvesting.

[Via Siliconera]