Dead Space Meets Skate 3

by Matthew Kato on May 19, 2010 at 12:00 PM

Sometimes, when the necromorphs get you down, you have to blow off some steam. Dead Space's Isaac Clarke likes to get his kicks by nollie heelflipping to smith grind down rails in Skate 3.

The Dead Space hero is an unlockable skater in Skate 3's Free Skate mode – simply go into Free Skate, open the Extras menu, type "deadspacetoo" (all lower case) into the Cheat Code screen, and you can choose to play as Isaac in the Free Play menu. Isaac's not only got a custom board, but when he's pushing you can see he's got blood all over his feet. We're told that there are other Dead Space unlockable in Skate 3 as well...