Most Of You Don't Change Character Names

by Tim Turi on May 18, 2010 at 02:00 PM

In last week's poll we asked Game Informer users to make their voice heard regarding renaming characters in games. Tons of games, mostly RPGs, throughout gaming history have given gamers the chance to feel more attached to their games by personally expressing themselves through custom character names. The GI community responded, and the majority of you are staunch traditionalists.

  • According to the results, nearly 32 percent of gamers chose to honor and respect the names given to characters by developers. This means Hyrule's savior is always Link, the trainer in Pokémon is named Ash, and Mass Effect's commander of the Normandy is named John Shepard.
  • A smaller portion of gamers, 27.5 percent, enhance games' ownership by putting their names and the names of people they know in the game. This means that more than one person out there played Secret of Mana with names like Joe, Ben, and Jeff (dumb names, despite what other editors here at GI will tell you.)
  • Nearly 26 percent of GI voters said that they only resort to altering a characters name if it's super stupid. To me, this means that not a lot of people played a Final Fantasy game with a party member named Cait Sith or Butz.
  • Perhaps you would have named a character Butz outside of Final Fantasy V if you fell into the smallest group voters. Almost 15 percent insist on expressing their hilarious poop humor by renaming characters explicitly. Sure, the first Final Fantasy only accommodates names with four letters, but there are a lot of... colorful... four letter words out there.


Thanks for voting in last week's poll, and be sure to sound off your opinion in this week's, too!