FF XIII Sells Millions, Square Enix Reports Best Year Ever

by Tim Turi on May 18, 2010 at 07:33 AM

Batman: Arkham Asylum, Final Fantasy XIII, and Dragon Quest IX have raked in millions for the company. The resulting sales of these huge titles have scored Square Enix its best year yet.

Final Fantasy XIII sold 5.5 million units evenly across the U.S., Japan, and Europe. Despite mixed review scores for the game, the Final Fantasy brand has definitely proved its power.

It’s old news that Dragon Quest IX has been a riotous success in Japan, and the DS title definitely aided Square Enix’s financial numbers. The game hasn’t even been released outside of Japan yet and it’s managed to find its way into the hands of 4.2 million gamers.

Square Enix purchased Batman: Arkham Asylum publisher Eidos early last year, and the acquisition is already paying off big. Selling well primarily in Europe and the U.S., the Caped Crusader’s critically acclaimed adventure sold 3.2  million units.

Here's how the rest of Square Enix's 2009 lineup sold: