Celebrate Empire Strikes Back’s 30th With Avatar Gear

by Tim Turi on May 18, 2010 at 01:10 PM

On the very same day as The Empire Strikes Back enjoys its 30th anniversary, your avatar can gussy up in gear from the iconic movie. From tauntaun pets to a Boba Fett getup, this is by far some of the most impressive Avatar swag I’ve seen.

Pricing has yet to be revealed from the StarWars website, but in the meantime you can gaze at all the outfits and daydream about what your entire friends list would look like decked out in them.

What's a bad ass like Bossk doing paired up with these losers? We all know every Snowspeeder pilot except Luke is entirely incompetent.

Sure, you could buy your avatar one of the cool costumes, or you could buy them a hat with fake years that says 'Yoda' on it. It doesn't matter how green your lightsaber is, that will always be dumb.

Not sure what he's so happy about, that tauntaun is far too small to prevent him from freezing to death.