PS3 Owners Get Red Dead Redemption Exclusives

by Tim Turi on May 14, 2010 at 06:02 AM

We all reveled in the glorious Red Dead Redemption launch trailer yesterday, but come May 18 only PS3 owners will be able to relish in some exclusive content for the game. Folks lucky enough to get their hands on early retail copies of the game are reporting that the packaging advertises two pieces of PS3-only content.

Upon carefully inserting the Red Dead Redemption disc into your PS3, you’ll have access to Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout and the Walton Gang Outfit. If I do say so myself, the Walton Gang Outfit makes the otherwise rugged-looking John Marston look like quite the distinguished gentleman. I certainly wouldn’t mind raising hell in the Wild West in a top hat.

[Thanks to Jeremy for the tip]