Robert Bowling Details Modern Warfare 2's Resurgence Pack

by Dan Ryckert on May 14, 2010 at 07:35 AM

With all the brouhaha surrounding Activision and Infinity Ward, it seems that the focus has been taken off the fact that those guys made a game together at one point. For those that are avoiding the legal drama and just having fun with Modern Warfare 2, you'll have five new maps to play with come June 3rd.

As was the case with the successful Stimulus Pack, the Resurgence Pack will include three brand-new maps and two that are returning from CoD 4 (Vacant and Strike).

Carnival, Trailer Park, and Fuel make up the three new environments. Carnival is exactly what it sounds like, taking place in a desolate amusement park complete with roller coasters, a fun house, and a World of Tomorrow. It's a daytime map, and Bowling suggests that snipers should have a blast picking enemies off from atop a roller coaster.

Trailer Park exists within the world of the single-player campaign, as it's the living quarters of the owners of the boneyard area. This battleground will facilitate extremely close-quarters combat, with many maze-like corridors.

Bowling describes the last new map, Fuel, as a "sniper's haven." It takes place around an oil refinery, featuring numerous pumps and outposts with a wide-open area in the middle. Abandoned warehouses will house objectives and much of the combat.

Considering the success of the Stimulus Pack, it seems that Infinity Ward isn't going to fix what isn't broke. Just like before, these three new maps will be arriving on June 3rd at a price of 1200 Microsoft points. A date for their PS3 release is yet to be announced.

You can check out screens of the new environments below, and listen to the full Robert Bowling interview here.