EEDAR: Nintendo Expects To Sell 5M 3DS Units By Spring 2011

by Annette Gonzalez on May 13, 2010 at 01:25 PM

While little information has been revealed about the 3DS (we don't even know its true name at this point), we expect we'll come to find out the specifics at this year's E3. EEDAR's Jesse Divinch does provide some pre-E3 analysis of what Nintendo anticipates in terms of sales for the upcoming handheld based on their financials.

"While Nintendo has not formally announced a timeframe for project 3DS, their financials speak a different story. According to their expected Nintendo DS and 3DS sales (they combine both sales into one category) our estimates indicate that Nintendo is expecting the 3DS to sell five million units by March 2011," Divinch said.

The analyst also projects a potential release window.

"Given historical sales of the Nintendo DS, which coincidently sold 5 million units through March 2005, Nintendo is likely to announce that the 3DS will be available in at least two regions beginning in November 2010. Additionally, they are likely to reveal the project’s actual name."

Those are pretty hefty sales numbers for a system we don't know much about. Do you think the 3DS or whatever it's going to be called can meet the success of the original DS?

[Via Industry Gamers]