Fans Of Plastic Wii Accessories Will Love Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt

by Dan Ryckert on May 13, 2010 at 12:30 PM

Just when I think I'm done writing about crappy peripherals for the day, Reiner walks up to my desk with a package. All I saw at first was the Bass Pro Shops and Wii logos, so I pretty much knew exactly what to expect.

Are you one of those people that loves the Wii Zapper, but is frustrated by the lack of space it takes up in your closet? Fret no more, as Bass Pro Shops is here to save the day.

I've never been hunting, but is a "reload bar" a real thing? I'm pretty sure that "cable storage" isn't. All I know for sure is that a real gun with a nunchuck storage compartment would be pretty sweet.

This was inside the box. I'd understand if it was on the outside (for stocking purposes), but I didn't find myself having any trouble deciphering which side of the box was "up."

Bass Pro Shops sticker? Yeah, that's going right on Ackbar's head.

Is it just me or does the front look like the lady robot from Wall-E?

The complete shell of the gun. It looks more like something you'd see in Mass Effect than a hunting rifle.

Reviews of the game are under embargo, so actual gameplay impressions are off limits. However, it was pretty good for the purposes of annoying Tim.

Turns out that I needed to disassemble the whole thing to get the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in there. This took approximately six hours longer than it should have.

Disassembled, the thing looks exactly like parts of my vacuum cleaner.

There you have it. You'll be able to try this space rifle out for yourself when Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt comes out in early June.