Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory Controller More Ridiculous Than Game’s Name

by Tim Turi on May 12, 2010 at 06:29 AM

Sometimes an alternate controller is necessary to fully appreciate a game. For instance, an arcade stick is the ideal way to enjoy fighters like Super Street Fighter IV and Tekken 6. Hori makes such arcade sticks and knows the peripheral business pretty well. Let’s just call their latest Dragon Quest-themed device an… experiment, then.

The peripheral is for a Wii-bound Dragon Quest arcade game called (inhale) Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory (exhale). Once you simply plug the Wii Remote into the beefy controller, you’ll have all the bulky, awkward controls at your fingertips. Your eyes are likely immediately drawn to the giant sword protruding from the device, which you may think is a used for movement. Actually, all you do is push it down to activate a special move.

For diehard Dragon Quest fans this controller is probably the coolest thing ever. To everyone else, this is somehow more of a mockery than the Resident Evil 4 Gamecube chainsaw controller.

Source: Engadget